My own scientific knitting

Friday, February 08, 2013
In all that thinking about intersection of craft and science, I forgot to look at my own designs to see if I could identify ones specifically inspired by science & nature.  Apparently I like mathematical and natural hats - which is unsurprising because imho the knit hat is an amazing feat of mathematics, physics, engineering, and art all rolled into one. You take a line and create a 3-dimensional irregular half-sphere that fits a head!?! And a rank knitting beginner can do it without much effort? To me the sock is just showing off, whereas the hat is a pure joy.  Also, bulky hats work up fast and are warm and awesome.

Lo and behold (links go to Ravelry):

Euphorbia Hat: Inspired by a spurge cactus at Longwood Gardens

I Love Pi hat: Knit top down based on C=PiD, ridges are in the pattern 3.14159...

Punica Hat: inspired by the pomegranate family


  • Katherine Rollins

    I think there are a lot of scientific knitters out there. I am still amazed and honored by a knitter who made my hat design a science lesson on the Transit of Venus:

    Good topic!

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