The weeks fly by...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
And I continue to forget to report on what I've been up to.  It's been a busy six weeks.  Let's see:

Vanilla Socks in YKL
  • The DD and I went to Washington, DC for her spring break.  We stayed in a hotel (exciting) near Chinatown (thrilling!) ate food from four different continents (Ethiopian, Chinese, Thai, Spanish tapas, and American - with shrimp each night), and packed in as many touristy things as we could every day.  I got a blister on the underside of my middle toe from all the walking!
  • I finished up and sent two secret projects for Your Knitting Life.  That was a lot of work, and I'm seriously considering hiring sample knitters.  If you are one and would like to talk about potential projects, leave me a comment.
  • I finished up the Akeso Mitts for the April Phatfiber box.  I love them!  Sadly I can't find a photo right now... I started a coordinating shawl but had to put it aside temporarily for another secret project (this one for one of the many Cooperative Press books that are under way).
  • The Vanilla Socks are in this month's Your Knitting LifeLink to the preview (these are only in print until next year)!
  • I got off my butt and actually submitted some ideas for publication - three proposals in all to two book projects that are being run by friends of mine from my Designer Mastermind group.  I've gotten a bit complacent about YKL and need to break out of my rut.
  • My tech editing work has really skyrocketed this year.  In March I did about 24 hours worth of work (about double my previous record) and in April I was at about 22 hours, even with the vacation in the middle of it.  I'm finding that in the evenings I often don't knit any more because I'm busy editing - and yet I really enjoy that so I don't mind. 
  • I've gotten completely hooked on the TV show MI-5, also Downton Abbey.  Thanks, Mom. Luckily, both are available for streaming via Netflix (not the current season, of course).
  • My garden looks great, but my maple trees are infested with scale and one of my dogwoods has something. The DH spread a pesticide/fungicide that should permeate the trees via the roots, but I'm worried about them nonetheless.  It's been so warm and dry that the trees are stressed already and the bugs didn't get killed off in the winter.  Ack!


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