Curly Snowflake Hat Topper

Sunday, February 17, 2008
I like adding a bit of a crazy topper to a standard child's hat. It adds some whimzy and fun to what is otherwise a necessity of winter wear.

In this case I was inspired by my running out of blue yarn and being forced to switch to the cream. The topper has six curly "arms" - which look like a snowflake gone wild on top of the child's head.

This topper can be added to any bottom-up hat, regardless of the number of stitches used. Pattern instructions are for a 6-stitch repeat hat; simply increase or decrease the number of curls to accomodate your stitch count.

Gauge: Not important. Whatever your gauge was in the hat is fine.
Finished dimensions: Again, depends on your gauge and hat.

This is going to sound redundant. Use the yarn and needles you used in making your hat.

Work hat as normal, including decreasing to the top. This pattern starts when you normally would "break yarn and thread through remaining live stitches; pull tight to cinch hole closed."

Start with first stitch of the round.
1: Cast on 25 stitches using the knit-on cast on. (Scroll down this page for instructions)
2: Bind off 26 stitches.
3: Slip completed stitch (the one the 26th bound-off stitch is bound-off on) back to the left needle.
Repeat these three steps for as many stitches as you have remaining (in my case, six times total).

Break yarn, leaving a long tail.
Gently weave yarn through base stitches of each curl to close any hole that may remain.
Weave ends in.


  • sharecropper

    Hey, this is a cool idea. I like it and will try it. Thanks.

  • It sounds a little hard. can you clearafy the 3rd step for me?

  • KT

    Hi Katie,
    Slipping the stitch back is the same maneuver that you do for the knit cast on - just you've already worked this stitch and slipped the previous stitch over it to bind off. Not hard at all!

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