Tuesday, December 11, 2007
There are times in life when you just wish you could be with a friend all day long to hold their hand, hug them, or just be a shoulder to cry on. But if you can't, an option (for knitters, anyway) is to make them something they can wrap around themselves and feel loved in.

Duveteux (French for "fluffy") is just such a wrap. Fluffy, warm, and with a lovely textured using the Fluffy Brioche stitch, this wrap goes fast but lasts a long time. It may be worn either of two ways - wrapped around the shoulders as in the first picture, or draped around the neck and buttoned in the front as in the second. Either way, the wearer will feel warm and loved.

Sizes: Women's S (M, L). Shown in M. Note: sizing is not hugely crucial, as the pattern has a lot of give. It should be approximately the recipient's bust size. See standard CYCA sizing guide.

Gauge: 11sts and 16 rows to 4in (10cm). Again, gauge is not critical. Loose is better than tight.

2 (2, 3) skeins Patons Divine (76.5% Acrylic, 10.5% Wool, 10.5% Mohair, 2.5% Polyester) Regal Red colorway [3.50 oz/100 g to 142 yd/129 m]
US 10 (6mm) needles
2 1.25in buttons, with shanks
Yarn needle

Instructions: Note: Sl1=Slip one purlwise, with yarn in back of work; YO2=Yarn over twice
Cast on 25 (31, 37) stitches.
Begin pattern stitch:
Row 1 (WS): K1 (YO; Sl1; K1) repeat to end
Row 2: K1 (K2tog; K1) repeat to end
Row 3: K2 (YO; Sl1; K1) repeat to one before end; K1
Row 4: K2 (K2tog; K1) repeat to one before end; K1

Work in pattern for 33(37, 41)in [82.5(92.5, 102.5)cm], ending on row 4.
Work 1st buttonhole:
Row 1: K1; YO; Sl1; K1; K2tog; YO2; K2tog; (Yo; Sl1; K1) repeat to end
Row 2: Work in pattern to hole; Knit into the front & back of the YO2; continue in pattern.

Continue in pattern for 2 (3, 4)in [5 (7.5, 10)cm], ending on row 4.
Work 2nd button hole as first.

Work 2in (5cm) more in pattern, ending on row 1 or 3.
Bind off in pattern (row 2 or 4).
Reinforce buttonholes with extra yarn.

Overlap ends of wrap in a loop, such that 1st buttonhole is 2in (5cm) in from cast on edge of opposing end.
Mark buttonhole placement.
Attach buttonholes securely.
Sew in ends.


  • Cass

    I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for another wonderful free patter. You rock. xoxo

  • Michele

    Lovely, simple pattern. I really like it and will make it for a friend who could use a yarn-based hug. :)

    - Michele (we met briefly at ASIS&T)

  • N. Maria

    It's going to be perfect for those times I am being attacked by "Hot Flash" when I'm actually....cold.
    Thank you for a wonderful free pattern!
    Maria in WA

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