Ingrid's Cloth

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I made this cloth for my pal, Ingrid, in the Fall Into Autumn dishcloth swap. Because Ingrid is originally German, I thought it might be fun to adapt a traditionally Bavarian pattern (as shared by Barbara Walker, natch) to fit a washcloth. And here 'tis: an adaptation of the Bavarian Check pattern to decrease the size of each check to be more in line with the scale of a cloth. It uses crosses and knitting through the back loop to add lots of texture and interest. Ingrid, I hope you like it!

Gauge: not particularly important.
Finished dimensions:Approx. 8in (20cm) square

1 skein Lily Sugar 'n Cream (100% cotton), Violet Veil Ombre colorway [2oz / 56g to 95yd / 86m]
US 8 (5.0mm) needles
Darning needle

Special Stitches:
FC = Front Cross: K2tog, do not slip stitches from left needle, knit first stitch again, slip stitches off needle. Alternate: Knit into second stitch on left needle, then into first stitch, slip stitches off needle.
Kbl = Knit through the back loop: Insert right needle into back of loop from front to back, knit the stitch.
Pbl = Purl through the back loop: Inster right needle into back of loop from back to front, purl the stitch. Note: a lot of people hate Pbl'ing... if you don't care about the extra texture this will create (by twisting the stitch) you can purl normally. I would still recommend doing the Kbl.

Cast on 39 stitches.
Work in garter stitch (knit all stitches, all rows) for 6 rows.
Pattern Rows 1, 3, and 5 (RS): K4; [(P1; FC) twice; P1; Kbl5] twice; (P1; FC) twice; P1; K4
Pattern Rows 2, 4, and 6 (WS): K4; [(K1; P2) twice; K1; Pbl5] twice; (K1; P2) twice; K5
Pattern Rows 7, 9, and 11: K4; P1; [Kbl5; (P1; FC) twice; P1] twice; Kbl5; P1; K4
Pattern Rows 8, 10, and 12: K5; [Pbl5; (K1; P2) twice; K1] twice; Pbl5; K5

Repeat 12 rows of pattern 3 times total, then Rows 1-5 once more.
Work in garter stitch for 6 rows.
Bind off in knit.
Weave in all ends.


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