Anna's Flat-topped Hat

Sunday, October 28, 2007
This baby's hat incorporates a rolled edge and matching turning rows to create a fun shape - cylindrical with a flat top. To keep you from descending into stockinette purgatory, it also has a diagonal ribbing stitch for the body.

Although made with DK-weight yarn, it knits up quickly (one evening of watching baseball) and results in a very sweet and oh so soft gift!

Gauge: 24 sts by 36 rows to 4in (10cm) on US5s in ribbed pattern, in the round
Finished Dimensions: 16in circumference by 4.5in height (40cm by 11cm)

1 skein Plymouth Dreambaby Prints (50% Microfiber Acrylic, 50% Nylon) Color 203 [183yd to 50g]
US 5 (3.75 mm) needles - I used one 16in circular plus one set of double points
Stitch marker
Darning needle

Cast on 96 stitches.
Join, being careful not to twist, and place marker at beginning of round.
Knit all stitches for 5 rounds (stockinette stitch)

Ribbed pattern:
Rounds 1&2: (K3; P3) repeat to end of round
Rounds 3&4: (P1; K3; P2) repeat to end of round
Rounds 5&6: (P2; K3; P1) repeat to end of round
Rounds 7&8: (P3; K3) repeat to end of round
Rounds 9&10: (K1; P3; K2) repeat to end of round
Rounds 11&12: (K2; P3; K1) repeat to end of round

Repeat pattern until hat measures 4in (10cm) from beginning of ribbed pattern (3 repeats total). End on an even row.

Work 3 rounds in purl (reverse stockinette stitch)

Crown shaping: Note that the point of staggering the K2tog stitches in each round is to avoid having the obvious decrease lines that you usually get with a hat.
Round 1: (K6; K2tog) 12 times (84 sts rem)
Rounds 2&3: K all stitches
Round 4: (K2; K2tog; K3) 12 times (72 sts rem)
Rounds 5&6: K all sts
Round 7: (K2tog; K4) 12 times (60 sts rem)
Rounds 8&9: K all sts
Round 10: (K1; K2tog; K2) 12 times (48 sts rem)
Rounds 11&12: K all sts
Round 13: (K2; K2tog) 12 times (36 sts rem)
Rounds 14&15: K all sts
Round 16: (K2tog; K1) 12 times (24 sts rem)
Rounds 17&18: K all sts
Round 19: K2tog 12 times (12 sts rem)
Round 20: K all sts
Round 21: K2tog 6 times (6 sts rem)
Cut yarn, leaving long tail.
Thread yarn through remaining live stitches, and pull tightly to gather.
Sew yarn ends securely to inside of hat.


  • Alison

    Hey, that's really cute! I love how the stripes of the yarn a) sort of fan away from each other (hyperbolic?) and b) go semi-perpendicular to the stitch pattern. Nice mating of yarn and pattern!

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