Slipped Basket Stitch Cloth

Friday, September 21, 2007
Enough with the ridgy-smooth cloths... this one has a pleasing pattern on the one side made up of slipped stitches that seem to travel over garter stitch ridges. It ends up with an over all basketweave effect - and is very easy to do.

It also looks suspiciously similar to the popular "ball-band" cloths that I've seen on the 'Net - and you could get that effect by alternating colors (see note in pattern, below).

Finished dimensions: approx 10in (25cm) square, unblocked and unwashed.
Gauge: not important. a little looser than on the ball band, most likely.

1 skein Lily Sugar N Creme (100% Cotton) Colorway: Rosewood [2oz/56 g to 95yd/86m]
US 8 (5.0mm) needles
Darning needle

NOTE: When slipping stitches, always slip as if to PURL, with yarn held on the wrong side of the cloth.

Cast on 42 stitches.
Knit all stitches for 6 rows.

Pattern row 1 (rs): K42
Pattern row 2: K4; P34; K4
Pattern row 3 and 5*: K5; (Sl2wyib; K4) 5 times; Sl2wyib; K5
Pattern row 4 and 6*: K5; (Sl2wyif; K4) 5 times; Sl2wyif; K5
Pattern row 7: K42
Pattern row 8: K4; P34; K4
Pattern row 9 and 11*: K8; (Sl2wyib; K4) 5 times; K4
Pattern row 10 and 12*: K8; (Sl2wyif; K4) 5 times; K4

Repeat these twelve rows 5 times, then repeat rows 1-5 once more.
Knit all stitches for six rows.
Bind off in knit.
Weave in ends.

*Contrasting (woven) look: Work rows 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12 with contrasting yarn to create woven look. This will make the garter stitch ridges a different color from the slipped stitches.


  • hello, what do you mean by "cottage crafting" under the copyright section?
    thank you

  • KT

    Hi - "Cottage crafting" generally applies to people who are creating things by hand on a small scale for sale - as opposed to mass production, where a machine is used to make lots and lots of something to sell. I'm happy to support the former, but mass producers should come up with their own patterns, imho.

  • What about selling on etsy? like making two washcloths and bundling them up, people can buy them to give as gifts or whatever they want. I will post credit to the pattern on the item.

  • KT

    yep, that's what I'd consider a "cottage" situation. It's when you hire a sweatshop full of people to knit for you that I get cranky! ;)

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