Racing Stripes Scarf

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This scarf came about because a friend was setting up the annual "heal thyself with craft" fair at the library, and she lined me up to teach knitting (I had just gotten my level 2 CYCA Knitting Teacher certificate). She gave me the leftover yarn from the event as a thank you! This year the fair happened to fall on Halloween, and so I got a whole bunch of orange yarn. Now, orange is not my color, but there were some fun things included in there, including one skein of Patons Bohemian in (I believe) Cranberry Cafe. This stuff is SO SOFT, but also extra super bulky. I purchased a skein of the Bohemian in black and came up with this scarf. It took about 2/3rds of the black and 1/2 of the cranberry. Coming soon... a hat to match!

1 skein Patons Bohemian Black (2.8 oz, 68 yds) [Color 1]
1 skein Patons Bohemian Cranberry Cafe [Color 2]
US 15 circular needles (as long as you can get, at least 29").
Darning needle (to weave in ends)

Using black, cast on 136 stitches.
Rows 1-2: Knit all stitches (using Color 1).
Join Color 2
Rows 3-4: Knit all stitches (using Color 2)
Rows 5-12: Repeat these four rows two more times.
Rows 13-14: Repeat Rows 1-2
Bind off all stitches VERY LOOSELY

Finished dimensions: 3.5" by 68" (9cm by 173cm)
If you'd like the scarf to be wider or narrower, just adjust the number of stripes in each color. A scarf with two orange/red and three black stripes will be about 2.75" (7cm) wide; a scarf with four orange/red and five black stripes will be about 4.25" (11cm) wide.

This is, at its root, a sideways knit garter stitch scarf. The hard part is that the rows are so long. The other hard part is that you're switching between two colors. This is a simple skill to master, and of low stress since everything else is easy. Imagine this scarf in university colors - what a cool gift. I just get so tired of traditional stripes in a scarf, sometimes a little surprise sideways-ness is just what I want.


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