Sideways Knit Seed Stitch Scarf

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
1 (partial) skein Caron Simply Soft
1 26" US 8 (5.0mm) circular needles

CO 300 stitches
Row 1: (K1 P1) repeat to end
Row 2: (P1 K1) repeat to end

Repeat these rows 15 more times; 32 rows.
Cast off all stitches in pattern.
Weave in ends.


  • Melinda

    Could you just add a LOT more rows to make a nice soft baby blanket? What is the texture like? It is hard to see in your picture whether it's a looser knit (more of a 'lace' look to it) or a tighter knit (with almost no holes visable unless you stretch it out- then you'd start to see holes)?
    BTW? I don't mean ACTUAL holes, but instead spot between stitches that can appear as "holes".
    Oh! and also, last-but for sure not least?!? THANK YOU for sharing your pattern for this scarf. It is not only BEAUTIFUL, but would make a wonderful first project for a new knitter! So at least this way they can say that they HAVE worked a pattern, AND have the lovely scarf as proof-and a GREAT keepsake!!! :)

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