Fiber destash

Sunday, April 14, 2013
I'm in a de-acquisitionary mood (as we call it 'round here), and am going through my stuff to see what can go to new homes.  The knitting group and my friend R were very happy to take quite a lot of yarn off my hands, but none of them spin.  SO. I've posted a bunch of interesting and lovely batts, braids, and bumps of fiber from at least six different species (plant, mammal, and insect!) on my Ravelry "will trade or sell" page - please feel free to go there, see if you like something, and send me a private message via Ravelry.  All payments via PayPal, and remember that we do have a dog.

Here's a photo of everything laid out on the dining room table:

I'll likely be adding spindles and books sometime in the next few days too - stay posted!


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