Year in Review (Goals Achievement)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
This is one of those end-of-year posts that lots of people do, looking back at the goals set in January to see if they were reached (or, rather, which were reached, which is a much more positive outlook).  So, without further ado:

1.Finish the wholesale catalog and reformat patterns into shape. Start contacting LYSes with the catalog and sign up at least 10 by the end of the year to sell my patterns wholesale.

I did this (several times), and managed to sell patterns to a few shops (3) but have completely failed at getting a distributor to pick me up.  I'm a bit disgruntled and demoralized by the whole thing and have decided, in the end, to forgo the whole print wholesale end of things in favor of other work.  The payoff has just not matched the effort.

2.Get a book proposal accepted. I have about three or four that I'll be proposing in the next months, and I want to have at least one of them accepted by the end of the year.
Still haven't proposed these, largely because I haven't set myself deadlines for sending them in.  I'm shifting this goal to 2012.

3.Self-publish 12 patterns, either new ones or published ones that have returned rights to me. I currently have three KnitCircus patterns plus two new wraps at the TE's, so am well on my way here.
Woohoo! Exactly 12 up for sale on Ravelry in 2011!

4.Have 4-6 patterns accepted for publication. I'd love to see if I can get into more books, but am also nurturing relationships with some of the monthly/bimonthly magazines who need a lot of patterns.
14 patterns published in 2011, with two more in press for early 2012. (This is why the self-publishing just squeaked in and the books didn't get proposed)

5.Work with smaller but established yarn companies who publish patterns based on their yarns. I feel like this is an area that I haven't pushed very much and would like to expand into.
Not much work here, though I do have some connections that I'm continuing to pursue.

6.Submit 6-10 patterns for the KnitPicks Independent Designer Program. I have five that need to be written up, tested, edited, and posted, so am at least partway there!
I now have 5 patterns in the IDP, of which 3 have been added this month (photos in this post!).

7. Develop regular clients in my tech editing business.
This is definitely true: see my page of published patterns that I've edited to see the somewhat impressive list!

8.Continue to participate in the Phat Fiber boxes. Last year I had wanted to be in 9 boxes, but this year I'm being a bit more conservative - say, 6? I'm already missing January because I just wasn't inspired and had no time.
Not sure how many I did this year, honestly. At least 4...

9.This may be in opposition to the above one, but I also want to make 2011 a major stashdown year.
Let's just ignore this goal, shall we?  I've actually been very good about not purchasing yarn or fiber.  The downside of doing so much design for magazines and books, though, is that they provide the yarn and so if anything it ends up being stash-positive (from leftovers)!
10.Get the Katherine Vaughan Designs website really in shape and running.
It's up and running - comments are always welcome!

11.Become active in and develop networking contacts through other members of the Association of Knitwear Designers, which I was accepted into in December.
I'm actually fairly irritated about this one.  I applied to the AKD in late fall of 2009, heard nothing for a long time, was finally accepted (with a slightly snarky note that included the line "you clearly love to knit, but..."), and then within two weeks of receiving my acceptance I was notified that the AKD was folding.   But they kept my money, even though I would receive absolutely no benefits (and did a lot of work).  They haven't even updated the website to reflect the fact that the group is completely defunct!  


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