Stream of consciousness: Noro book

Saturday, December 03, 2011
  1. I am ineligible to participate in the Amazon Affiliates program, because I live in North Carolina.  WTF?
  2. The cover photo for Knit Noro: Accessories on Amazon, Ravelry, and in real life is my hat.  The cover on the book being sold by KnitPicks is a completely different hat!
  3. None of the promotional pictures from Sixth & Spring or KFI (the US distributor for Noro) include that hat.  But they only show 1/3rd of the patterns, so it possibly is in there, just not highlighted.
  4. I feel very sorry for the designer of that hat, if she's all excited about having a cover and then it's not to be.
  5. But what if I'm the one being led?  Ack!
  6. I clearly NEED a copy of this book, and cannot wait for my designer copy to show up.
  7. I'm assuming I get a designer copy.
  8. Anyone with the book want to do a designer interview? I'm game!
  9. But first on my plate is watching McGuyver and knitting.
  10. And pie.  If you're not familiar with my love of pie, you haven't been reading the blog since the beginning.  I recommend this post in which I identify with Harold (of purple crayon fame) and discuss the pain of Thanksgiving in a family of non-pie eaters (upside? more for me!).


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