Looking back at November's Goals

Monday, November 28, 2011
Just a quick accountability post!  Here's what I said I wanted to do for November, with notes on what actually happened:

  1. Samples and pattern sent to KnitCircus ahead enough of time that I can use Priority not Express mail. I've swatched for half of the samples and am stuck until I can find a specific stitch dictionary to see how something has been done before, before I can write out the stitch for the second. Got a reprieve on this one - the KC samples are now due for a different type of project on March 1st.  This was initiated by KC, and I don't feel like I should spill what kind of project, but I'm excited about it!
  2. Sweater for DS. He's small (small for a person, not for his age), so that won't be a huge undertaking. This means knit the sweater, write the pattern, send it to the TE, get testers. I hear the dryer dinging; that means the swatches are dry! Yeah, or not. Instead I got a commission from a magazine and worked on that.  I did get through most of the back of the sweater, and will come back to it in December.
  3. Finish the patterns for KP that have been hanging around my neck. These are a vest, hat, scarf/hat/mittens, purse, and child's outfit. Partially complete - the purse and child's outfit are at KP, and I've gotten word that they've been accepted.  Still need to do the vest, hat, and set.
  4. Set the handspun that is waiting to be set. (Hey, look! Halfway there!)  Yes! I did this!
  5. Spin 8oz by the end of the month.  No clue, but given how much I did spin, I'm guessing that this goal was reached.
  6. Figure out Xmas gifts for people, including any that should/can be knit. Nope, though the DD wrote out her list.  We did identify a number of crafty things that we could do - including making jam!
  7. Mail Parallel her dang present from last year's Xmas, birthdays, and baby arrival! Does it help that I've pulled everything together, I just haven't actually mailed it yet?  Also need to mail off my Secret Elf swap package to my PhatFiber buddy...
  8. Get back to my preferred turnaround on tech editing of 4 days, not 7-8. Yes! After a marathon amount of tech editing this month I am now back to turning things around in less than a week, preferably 4 days.  My friend Joeli is on maternity leave, so I'm (temporarily) picking up a few of her clients, but I'm doing a better job of managing my time so they don't slow things down.  It does get in the way of knitting, though!



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