Fibery Weekend

Saturday, November 05, 2011
I have no photos for you today because I forgot to take some (how's that for honesty!).  However, here's a roundup of the week's fibery pursuits:

  • Set five skeins of yarn (you saw a photo of this earlier in the week), of which three are the DD's and two are mine.  Of the ones that are mine, both are destined for shawlish wear; the laceweight for a light shawl of unknown pattern, and the worsted/bulky for a warm one with a very simple pattern.  I'm hoping to have that done soon so it can go into the PhatFiber December box.
  • Approx. 4 oz of fiber spun.  I spun up the "cloud" of fiber from the PF retreat in October, and will be using that for cuffs.  Also did half of the Halloween batts.  I did two of the green/yellow and one of the pink in a A-B-C single, and will do the remaining ones in half-batt runs on the single so that the pattern is D-E-F-D-E-F.  If all works out, this means the resulting two ply from the two singles should be A/D - A/E - B/F - B/D - C/E - C/F.  Which is sortof a take on the fractal spinning craze that's going around right now.
  • Finished swatching for my next KnitCircus pattern.  I love this yarn, and I love this concept, and I love this pattern, which is why I'm surprised I'm not working on it right now.
  • Started the back (I've decided) of the Christmas sweater for the DS.  This is the bright red cotton thing that keeps morphing in nature with every stitch I do.  Which is why I'm working on the back - as of tonight I'm not confident on the pullover idea and may well switch to a cardigan.  Luckily, the back would be done the same.  The next looming question: set in sleeves or drop?  Or a modification?
  • Did a major round of tech editing, though I have two largeish patterns underway right now as well.  It always happens that as soon as I think I've got some breathing room, one of my regulars comes by with some interesting work!  I love it though, it's fun and it'll make Christmas a bit less stressful from a financial perspective.
I've been struggling with a cold all week, including a horrible-sounding (and feeling) chesty cough that's driving me insane.  Several nights this week I haven't been able to get to sleep until sunrise, because of nearly constant coughing.  Anyone have tried and true remedies?  I'm trying cough drops, dextromethorphan/guaifenesin meds (aka, cough medicine), tea with honey, elevated pillows, meditation, lots of juice.


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