Crafts for Christmas

Sunday, November 06, 2011
Ok peeps, I need your help.  Every year I far prefer to give handmade gifts (my own and others') to my loved ones.  I'm feeling like I've done the easy things and need some advice for new things to make.  Keep in mind that most of the recipients will have small children (birth-7yo), though not all, and that things that I can do with my 7yo and 2yo are particularly welcome.

Here's what we've done so far:

  • Knit items - I'll do a few this year, but not for everyone.  Don't need much help here (though if you have a favorite type of knit gift please feel free to share).  I'm looking at knit items that take on the order of a few days to do - so, worsted-bulky accessories, mainly (other than the sweaters for the DD and DS).
  • Fleece items - So far we've done hats (BIG hit).  I have a pattern for fleece slippers but fear there's too much variation in foot sizes among my loved ones.  Are fleece scarves too cheesy?  I have a good amount of fleece, and the sewing skills to do something with it, just a lack of imagination/inspiration.
  • Dried herbs - I'm thinking I will do this again this year - we do get requests for particularly the rosemary (of which I have A LOT) and tarragon.  I also have some nice dried chilies that some of our spicy-friendly friends will like.
  • Notecards and bookmarks - I cut up the DD's artwork from preschool (I had tons) and glued it to blank notecards, and gave those to people whom I knew still wrote letters (my mother and Oma).
  • Poured soaps - this was a big hit last year with the DD, but I just don't know that I can repeat it for most of our family/friends.  I think we can do it for the teachers, but not for others.
  • Soup/cookies in a jar - We found three great recipes last year (rice curry, bean soup, and butterscotch cookies) and made up jars for our local friends.  Is it weird to do that again this year, but with different recipes?  Do people still give jam away?  I have several jars of jalapeno pepper jelly that Mom & I canned in August that would make great gifts...
We like particularly to send a small gift to the children in our friends/family network, and then to give a donation to something like Habitat or Heifer Project in honor of the adults.  Who really needs more stuff?  So if you have suggestions of good quick and relatively easy gifts to make for kids - and keep in mind that I can sew - please share!


  • racherin

    I think dress up clothes make great gifts - there are often limited things you can find in stores, or they are very gender specific. Maybe felt capes that could be super hero and fairy tale? I made tree costumes this year, which has been a big hit with my girls. Animal hoods?
    For people who are closer to you, I think classes can be a great gift - maybe if you team up with all the aunts/uncles or something. Last year my parents got my older daughter ballet lessons, and it was one of the best gifts ever (non-clutter).

  • cathy

    If you've grown lavender in the herb garden, you could sew pretty little scented pillows.

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