Halloween 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treating: DD, DS, and DD's BFF
Happy Halloween, all!  Today started off cold but sunny, and rapidly changed over to cold and rainy by the later afternoon.  As such, we weren't particularly worried about our neighborhood pranksters, but we did have to consider how to protect the DD's Tutankhamun costume (which she made herself) against the elements.  Turns out packing tape does an admirable job of waterproofing tempera paints and paper!  The DS yet again inherited his sister's pumpkin costume, though since this is the largest one she had, next year he's off the hook.  In fact, he's a bit long in the torso for this one - I never saw a pumpkin with a wedgie before.  Thank goodness for diaper padding!

Note: The DD wants to make it clear that although she is a girl and King Tut (pronounced, I'm instructed I should add, "TOOT" not "Tuht") was a boy, since her headdress is modeled on the one that was found in Tut's tomb, that's who she is. She is not, though she could have been, Queen Hatshepsut (Wikipedia Link!), because while she's "completely cool" it would have meant creating a completely different headdress (for which she had no pattern) AND making herself a fake beard, and that just wasn't in the cards. 

My daughter apparently not only looks just like I did at her age, she thinks like me too.  Which makes me a: want to apologize to my own mother over and over again and b: fear for the future.  My future.

Proof that I didn't just sit around and eat candy!
I, of course, had prepared well more to do than I had time for (this is preferable, I think, to running out of fibery stuff), and in the end while I did some spinning it was all inside.  I made two new notebook ads for Ravelry (to promote the Verso-Recto Fingerless Gloves and Anona Shawlette), added the Nessa Purse to the Rav database and my store, and plied the DD's monster single with the alpaca that I'd finished yesterday. 

For the rest of tonight I'm finishing up some technical edits - five, at least, and will get serious work done on a sixth.  I'm thinking of doing a blog series on what are the most common things I "correct" or at least comment on in patterns.  Would that be of interest to anyone but me?


  • Katherine Rollins

    Sure, would love to hear reminders! Ha ha!

    Come join me on my blog for my merry month of NaKnitDeMo. You can always use another 30 sketched designs right? :-)

  • liz

    That is the most awesome mummy costume I've ever seen. Your daughter is brilliant.

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