Getting Ready for Halloween

Sunday, October 30, 2011
It's Halloween again, which means this blog is one year older (and more neglected).  This year I'll be spending the evening outside on either my front porch (if it's raining) or in the driveway (if it's not) spinning in a witch costume.  Of course, I'll be doing it on my Babe, which being made of PVC piping and a wheelchair wheel kindof mars the historical reenactment side of things.  There's no way I'm taking one of the Kromskis or the antique wheel (dubbed "Raven" by the DS, so that WOULD be an appropriate one) out into the weather.

The reason I'm planning to be outside and thus rob the children of the joy of ringing our doorbell is twofold:
  1. Our doorbell is broken (this is actually the second reason, though the more practical. It's second because I forgot about it until today).
  2. Last year at Thanksgiving and Christmas someone pranked us twice - first by putting a condom with something white and viscous (we think it was yoghurt) on the doorhandle, and then by egging Dad's car and the front and side of the house and throwing pancake and chocolate syrup on the door.  I'm still royally pissed about this, particularly since there's no logical reason why they should have pranked us - we're friendly people, never harass the local kids, have jobs that are dull, and have small children.  Also, the condom episode led to a "birds and bees" discussion with my then nearly-7 year old, which ended with the question, "Is that what you did to Daddy so you could have me?"
But I digress.

In order to spin outside for several hours in the cold (well, cold to us in North Carolina.  It'll be in the 60sF for the high tomorrow, and the 40sF for the low), I clearly need to have sufficient materials that I won't run out in mid-home guarding candy dispensing.  I generally use the Babe for plying, but she's also a lovely workhorse for larger gauge yarns.  So here's what I've got for the evening:

 There are six batts in an appropriate colorscheme for the day.  I took some black mystery wool (came with my carder) and made "monster sandwich batts" with samples from my last two PhatFiber boxes.  The monster part is because the ingredients come from all over (like Frankenstein), and the sandwich is because the monster parts are between two layers of the black wool.  There are three in the pink/purple/blue family and three in the green/yellow/orange family.  I haven't decided how to spin them yet - I'll let the evening guide me.

Below the batts are two bobbins of yarn for the DD.  The more colorful one (sorry about the bad colors; indoor lighting at night) is a set of three (maybe four; we can't remember at this point) monster batts that she carded earlier in the year.  They're all more or less pink themed and have names that I can't recall at this moment.  I think one is "princess" and another may be "mercury."  The brown bobbin is alpaca from my fleece purchase at the NC FiberFest last spring.  I'll be plying them together first tomorrow, since that's quick and easy to drop when kids show up. 

Oh, and there has been knitting this week - just of the swatching kind, which is a: boring and b: not stuff I can show off until after the patterns are published.  I did do two swatches for a sweater for the DS and will blog about that later, after they're washed.  Happy holidays, all!


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