Tour de Fleece Day 4

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Today was a high-mileage day for me, in terms of number of batts spun.  Note that my carder puts out batts that I think are probably on the order of 1+oz, so these aren't huge amounts of fiber. 

First I plied the Fruitwood singles that have been hanging out on a bobbin for a while after the main part of them were plied with something else.  I used one of my favorite techniques on this one - I took the singles and wound them into a cake on my ball winder.  Then I plied the inside end against the outside end.  This gives me a two-ply skein that uses up all of the singles.  Very pretty result, I believe.  This is the plied yarn in the photo.

And then I decided to spin up what I thought was a primarily green batt that I'm thinking of using in the cousins' wedding hats (long story; more on that in a later post).  But when I opened it up I discovered a stripe of black somethingorother as well as a significant amount of pink hiding out in the middle.  So I went ahead and spun it - and LOVE it - and am trying to decide whether I want to ply it with the wedding hat fiber (which is coming soon!) or with something else.

By this time I'd gotten bit by the spinning bug du jour, so I decided to tackle those three pink batts that I'd like to ply together with a laceweight pink spindle-spun single from way way back.  I got two of the pink batts spun (one is thick & thin, lumpy and loopy, arty; the other is pretty smooth, generally a DK weight).  But then my flyer started getting hot and I thought perhaps setting my Babe on fire (or melting her) would slow me down in the long run so I stopped to take photos.  The pink is going to be PINK! and FLUFFY! and BULKY! when it's done - I can't wait!


  • FoFo

    Very pretty! You have a talent with that!

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