Tour De Fleece Day 3

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Quick post as I've got to go to bed.  Tonight for the 4th the DD and I went over to a friend's house for dinner (after driving home from TN and napping).  There were amazing storms - with hail! That woke us all up, but sadly the DS is sick so he and the hupband stayed home for the evening.  I took my Sonata on her first trip away from home, and spun while playing Monopoly with the friends.  I did about 3oz of the most luscious alpaca/silk from Natchwoolie (called Black Pearl).  Then I plied it with the purple spindle spun from Day 1.  Sadly, the purple didn't behave itself very well - it kept snapping/fraying while plying.  I caught two of the times it did this and was able to spit-splice it back together, but there are at least three more times that I didn't manage to get while spinning.  So the finished product is far from perfect - but it's also gorgeous, heavy, shiny, and slightly slithery.  I love it!

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