Tour de Fleece: Day 2

Sunday, July 03, 2011
Today I finished up another long-languishing WIP, this time a fat bulky single of samples and grab bag bits from various people. I would guess that today's spinning accounts for about .5oz, maybe up to .75oz, and that the total on the spindle here is more like 2oz, so this isn't much.  I have more I'd like to add to this single but it's getting particularly unwieldy due to bad cop construction in the early days.  I'll unwind it when I get home and see if I have enough for a goofy hat.  If not I'll rewind it better and do some more work with it.

We had a lovely day today visiting with some old friends of ours who moved out of town probably going on 10 years ago.  We only see them every few years, but they're the kind of friends that you can just pick up from the last time you saw each other and move on without awkwardness. 

Tomorrow I'm trying to decide whether I'll work on another WIP or get out the Sonata to do some wheel spinning.  I love my spindles, not least because I feel like I have more control over them than I do the wheel, but they are darned slow and I usually can't fit as much on the spindle as I can on a bobbin. Maybe I'll get that black bamboo from Extreme Spinning done up and ply it with the purple from yesterday's spindle...


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