Tour de Fleece Day 1

Saturday, July 02, 2011
Two years ago I started spinning during the Tour de Fleece using spindles bought from various places and a lot of fiber from Phat Fiber contributors. Sad to say, I still have some fiber on spindles that I started way back when! My first few days of the Tour this year are to finish up those WIPs. Today I finished a single-ply, roughly laceweight, of purple wool bits from a WC Mercantile grab bag (or two. I love those things).

I'm planning to ply this either with one of my monster batts (I may have to make one that has a lot of blues and purples, oh poor me) or with something neutral.  Last fall at the Phat Phamily Spin-In I did some of this with a charcoal alpaca that Hilary brought as swag - and loved it.  I gave that to Judy (aka MamaJude) in a secret swap in the winter, though, and am wanting some of my own.  I think it could make a really striking hat or perhaps mitts.

No idea what the yardage is on this as I don't have my niddy noddy handy, nor do I know the finished weight.  I'd guess it's a decent amount, though.  This is Day 1 of my Tour done!


  • FoFo

    I would love to learn how to do that!

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