Tour de Fleece and Fiber Friday

Saturday, July 02, 2011
So sorry, poor neglected blog. But I'm attempting to do the Tour de Fleece, so expect many photos of spinning in the next month!

Here's what I'm hoping to get through during the Tour:

These are batts that I carded on my new drumcarder, using various samples from PhatFiber boxes and grab bags from "Phatties".  Also my long-suffering spindle-spinning WIPs that I'll be taking on various travels that aren't spinning-wheel friendly.

I'm also getting a fleece or four that will eventually become hats for my husband's cousin and new bride (the fleece come from animals his mother raises) as wedding presents.  I'll be blending them probably with the greenish batt in the center of the 9.

My spinning has really come a long way since two years ago when I started with my first spindle (also during the Tour de Fleece).  Here are two things I finished this week: 175yds of two-ply brown wool (that came with the drum carder) and pink samples from WC Mercantile - my first carding experiment - and 16yds of art(ish) yarn, made from yet another carded monster batt.  I'm completely addicted to carding.


  • FoFo

    I love the yarn! I want to learn to make my own yarn.

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