Time to Fess Up: Fiber Stash

Sunday, January 09, 2011
Oh. my. goodness. So I knew I had a larger fiber stash than I should, particularly since I've only been spinning for a short time (on a spindle since July 2009, on a wheel since April 2010). But I was in denial about how much of a fiber stash I had (the same goes for the yarn stash too, but I'm not measuring that until later in the month). The DD and I just spent 2 hours (!) inventorying the fiber. We only got through the full size items of animal fibers. So, not the silk, bamboo, soy, milk, cotton, etc., and not the samples.

Oh shit, the samples. There's a whole drawer of Phat Fiber samples that I had forgotten about.

Anyway. Only counting the full size braids/batts/roving balls of animal content, I have 46 units for 13 pounds of fiber. Ack!  I'm having a bit of a panic attack right now, just thinking of all of it.  I think the fact that it's (mostly) fitting in two large bins has made me complacent about how much there was up there.  Tomorrow we're going through the samples and non-animal fibers, and I guess we'll add another 50% only to total.  Which means I could be pushing 20lbs of fiber. 
The question then is, how much can I legitimately spin up in a year? In a month?  This weekend I've done one batt, and did one since Christmas, so that's probably 4 oz.  Can I do 8oz a month?  If I could stick to that, I'd be at 6lbs lost over the year.  Hell, maybe I'll lose 6lbs of body weight from all the treadling too!

EDIT TO ADD (1/10):
We finished logging all of the fiber this afternoon while waiting for the snow and ice storm to start (which it hasn't, and I'm a bit grumpy).  As I feared, it comes to just about 20lbs of fiber, 66 full-size items plus about 3lbs of samples, grab bags, ends, etc.  Sigh.


  • The Hippie Moose

    My husband just bought me a spinning wheel and my resolution is to learn how to do it! Any resourse suggestions for learners who have NEVER done it before??

  • KT

    Be patient and trust that you WILL figure it out! My first attempt was slow and, let's call "artyarn"... but with practice I've gotten to be fairly proficient. Good luck, and congrats!

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