The Obligatory New Year's Goals Post

Saturday, January 01, 2011
Technically I'm not writing this post on New Year's Day (we had a very busy day, with the tail end of a sleepover, seeing the "spare" family, then dinner with my brother & his family), but it will be datestamped 1/1/11 so try not to let that freak you out.  I've discussed in previous years how much I hate making resolutions, since they always seem to get broken before January is out.  However, I am a to-do list freak and so here is my "11 Things To Do in 2011" post:
  1. Finish the wholesale catalog and reformat patterns into shape.  Start contacting LYSes with the catalog and sign up at least 10 by the end of the year to sell my patterns wholesale.  Want to see the current incarnation of the wholesale catalog?  Here it is.  Feel free to send it to your favorite yarn shop owner and suggest she/he email me or place an order!
  2. Get a book proposal accepted.  I have about three or four that I'll be proposing in the next months, and I want to have at least one of them accepted by the end of the year.
  3. Self-publish 12 patterns, either new ones or published ones that have returned rights to me.  I currently have three KnitCircus patterns plus two new wraps at the TE's, so am well on my way here.
  4. Have 4-6 patterns accepted for publication.  I'd love to see if I can get into more books, but am also nurturing relationships with some of the monthly/bimonthly magazines who need a lot of patterns.
  5. Work with smaller but established yarn companies who publish patterns based on their yarns.  I feel like this is an area that I haven't pushed very much and would like to expand into.
  6. Submit 6-10 patterns for the KnitPicks Independent Designer Program.  I have five that need to be written up, tested, edited, and posted, so am at least partway there!
  7. Develop regular clients in my tech editing business.  Big shoutout to several women with whom I've worked more than once - Rachel Erin, Katherine Rollins, Harumidori Designs, Kristy Howell, Sara Morris, Three Irish Girls - you guys rock!  It's particularly gratifying to work with designers over time and multiple patterns, especially ones who came to me with their first patterns and then come back after they've been hooked on writing.  (Thanks Katherine, for pointing out that I forgot the advent of my tech editing in 2010 in the last post!)
  8. Continue to participate in the Phat Fiber boxes.  Last year I had wanted to be in 9 boxes, but this year I'm being a bit more conservative - say, 6?  I'm already missing January because I just wasn't inspired and had no time.
  9. This may be in opposition to the above one, but I also want to make 2011 a major stashdown year.  I pulled all of my fiber out of the bins in which it's been living (fiber is unspun; yarn is spun), and it completely covered the rug in the craft room.  This is bad, especially since I only learned to spin 18 months ago, and have had my wheel for less than 10 months.  I'm on a fiber diet (again)!  I probably should do the same thing with the yarn (not pull it out; go on a diet), but my SIL gave me a gift certificate to WEBS and I can't very well let it expire...
  10. Get the Katherine Vaughan Designs website really in shape and running.  It's up now - if you have comments I'd love to hear them!  Part of this is also making sure I make regular posts to this blog, which is a perennial thing on my to-do list anyway.
  11. Become active in and develop networking contacts through other members of the Association of Knitwear Designers, which I was accepted into in December.
And then, of course, there are the non-fibery things that I always want to do: lose weight, clean out the garage, spend more time in my garden, redo the bathroom (this may actually happen this winter), etc.  But those aren't particularly exciting so I shall leave them off this post.  Plus, it's time to go make sure the kids aren't overwhelming my MIL! 


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