Nautical knitting

Friday, August 06, 2010
This weekend we're visiting the 'rents, and will more likely than not end up sailing.  I love sailing - the sounds, smells, feel of the motion of the waves and the wind on my face, the birds, etc.  Sailing is also a great time for knitting, since it's generally calm and involves a lot of sitting around with booze or other liquids, and we tie the kids to the rails so they can't fall overboard (this is not as cruel as it sounds - they've got leeway, plus lifejackets). 

Here are some of my favorite knitting projects on the boat:
My patterns
Skirtsicle - the prototype for which I knit entirely on Dad's boat.
Beehive Cap - because it's mainly stockinette, knit in the round.  Plus I donate mine to the NC Cancer Hospital, so I feel like I'm being a good person while I'm also being indulgent.
Oceanside Cowl - two pattern rows? in the round? yes please!

Other people's patterns
Knitted Kitty and Knitted Bunny - toys, knit flat, forgiving of gauge. Full of win!
Korknisse - cutest things ever, plus a great way to use wine corks.
And, of course, various washcloths - with texture, not motifs.

What makes good sailing knitting, in my opinion?  It should be pretty mindless, because I'm trying to keep up a conversation and may have to drop it to grab a line or the tiller or something (you never know with my Skipper).  It should be small, so that it can be stuffed into a bag easily.  It should be on circular needles - NOT double points - so that it doesn't risk poking anyone when it is dropped (flung) when I go diving for a line/the tiller.  Preferably should be cotton or some other warm-weather yarn.  Not something I need to be referring to the pattern for, because patterns tend to blow away or get wet (or eaten by the baby).

As mentioned, I'm going sailing this weekend.  What am I taking with me?

A heavily cabled sweater in 100% wool, nearly completed.


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