Christmas stockings, this time done right

Sunday, August 01, 2010
This summer I've been racing to finish samples for patterns in magazines and books, and have had precious little knitting time for myself.  Pretty much it's been a week at the beginning of June when I was waiting for yarn, plus a week at the beginning of July when I was waiting for yarn.  It's starting to wear on me, and I find I'm literally dreaming of knitting for fun rather than profit (hah!).  Right now I'm desperate to finish a sweater, and then there are some projects for Shannon Oakley's latest venture... so it looks like at least until September 30th I'll be knitting like a fiend for other people.

This is not to whine, mind you.  I actually really love the things I'm working on (which is the big advantage of being a mostly self-publishing designer who is picky about the submissions she makes).  But right now I really, really want to knit a Christmas stocking for the DH.

Why a stocking, you may ask?  Because my only true failure of a FO was the Gigantic Christmas Stocking of 2007 (wait, there's a post somewhere about that... ah yes, here). The DH claims to love it, but I refuse to hang it on the mantel.  Instead he has a "creepy rotten, store boughten" stocking.  The rest of the family all have handmade ones.  My Grandel needlepointed ones for myself and my brother; my mother has made ones for my SIL, my DD and DS, and my nephew (is that DN?).  I think my mom made her own, which seems like cheating.  Dad's was made by "Tippi and Hoodoo", which is worth having the stocking around anyway.  (I'm not sure who Tippi and Hoodoo are, nor even if that's the correct spelling. Mom?)

So all this brings me around to my guilt I feel every December when we're decorating the house for the holidays.  Out come the stockings, and there's the DH's machine-made one.  I'm such a bad wife/mother/person... And since I have the sense not to start some stranded, fancy pattern right before Xmas (nor the time, given last-minute washcloth knitting), every year I promise myself (and the DH) that I'll knit him something for the next year.

And, dammit, this is the year I keep that promise.

So here are some questions for you, dear readers:
1: Should I keep this secret from the DH?  He's pretty oblivious to stuff, and if I worked on the stocking while he was at class he'll never see it.
2: What style do people like?  I'm not big into intarsia, but I can easily handle Aran, Fair Isle, felted, etc... I prefer a short-row heel, but suppose I'm capable of doing a flap (dunno, never tried).
3: Do you have a specific pattern you like?
4: Should I just design the darn thing myself?

I think part of the reason I'm so nervous is because of the utter disaster of the first try, coupled with the fact that my family won't let me forget it.  I just want to do something nice. Nice and flashy. Flashy enough to get my family to shut up about the GCS. But not so flashy that my fingers fall off.

Oh, and I can't start it until September 30th. Honestly, Shannon!


  • Dorothy

    I've made the snowman one from Annie's Woolens, and plan on making the moose, bear, and Norwegian Star one too. It's fair isle, and it knits up REALLY quickly!

    I kept the one I knit a secret because it equalled one more gift to open under the tree.

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