Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
I have been struggling lately with blogging.  It's just so darned hot around here (today was the first day since at least the middle of June that the high has been under 90F - and last week we had five straight days over 100F with the heat index in the upper 110sF!.  So I'm turning to the blogosphere for fun/random things to post.  Today?  10 fun things you can do rather than watch TV (this is the 10 things I've done today rather than watch, actually):
  1. Snuggle with the children.
  2. Knit!  I'm working on yet another secret project for a magazine.  I can say that it uses Lang Merino + Superwash, my new favorite superwash worsted.  So squishy!
  3. Read! This week I'm reading Speaker for the Dead, which is the sequel to Ender's Game.
  4. Clean up the dinner dishes so DH doesn't have to.
  5. Troll the Ravelry boards.
  6. Play Plants vs. Zombies on the computer.
  7. Work on updating the officer's manual for my professional society (ok, this wasn't fun).
  8. Tidy up the downstairs, looking for a certain lost item of the DD's (didn't find it).
  9. Listen to a podcast of last week's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me...
  10. Go to sleep early and catch up on some of that sleep deficit!
Edit: Thanks to Carole Knits for the meme!


  • Gnat

    What is sleeping early? I try but it just hasn't been happening lately! Great list...hope you get some cool weather soon.

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