On Knitting a Sweater in July

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Today I was happily working away on my latest sweater project, which is cabled, and heavy, and wool, on the bus.  People were looking at me very strangely (more than usual), and I think it may be because it's swelteringly hot here and most of us are seriously contemplating the societal pressure to be clothed in public, and whether there's something someone should really do about changing that... while I was knitting something obviously not appropriate for this climate ever, much less right now.

At least, I think this is what they were thinking.  I checked - underwear properly on, hat not unusually odd, clothes match, wearing shoes, nothing in my teeth.

So I was thinking, what really is the deal with knitting sweaters in the summer?  And this is what I've decided:

Summer sweater knitting is the ultimate exercise in the belief that there is a future and I will be in it, and I will be cold.

This last statement is what's hardest to believe at this time of year (actually, it's hard to believe many times of the year, including in the winter when it can be in the 70Fs).  But really, what about our weather in North Carolina in July would ever lead one to believe that sometimes - yes, really! - sometimes it snows here.  And on that day this February (or next, it honestly could be years), I'll be standing waiting for the bus feeling very smug, cozy and warm in my cabled sweater. 

I wonder sometimes where in the evolutionary process the understanding of seasons came to bear.  Do other mammals understand that winter is coming?  Clearly they do on some level, since they store food/fatten up (hah! if only that were my excuse) in preparation to hibernate/estivate/whatever.  But is that instinct only, or is there some real sense that these things are cyclical, predictable, and driven by scientific principles? 

Anyhoo, these are the things I think of while knitting on the bus.

That and,
"Wow, that woman is actually being quiet while talking on her cell.  I wonder who the heck she's talking to at 7am?"
"Today should be 20F cooler than Sunday, yay!  Wait, that means it's still in the mid-80Fs..."
"$#@!. I didn't leave the DD at home, did I?" (no, I didn't, I dropped her and the DS off out of the normal order)
"This yarn is the same color as my skirt.  I wonder what my favorite color is." (not the color of my skirt, interestingly)
"Knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, ..."


  • Gnat

    I knit sweaters in FL and people think I'm crazy. It never snows here...but I keep hoping! :) It is freezing in most buildings you go into though.

    Good luck with your sweater and you bus ride internal chatter. :)

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