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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Hello to all my ghost readers - I know some of you actually miss me when I neglect this poor blog (and for that I apologize!) so I'm popping in to give an update on what's going on.

It's been a busy spring, with lots of designing for publications and not much for "my indie line" (which still seems a bit odd to me to say). I'm right now racing to finish up two big pieces for a book and a major magazine by the end of the month (yes, that would be next week), which is part of the reason why I'm behind on my blogging. I also did a lovely spring/summer top for Twists & Turns, called Beide. T&T is a newsletter that focuses entirely on cabling - yay! - but unfortunately there are only a few issues left before the editor packs up shop to move on to other endeavors in life. I've always liked it, though, so am pleased to have a pattern in there before it goes away. I promise pictures when it's live! Next month doesn't promise to be much easier - I have another big item to make/write for a UK magazine by the end of July. I am deliberately masking magazine titles, as I'm superstitious about things until they're done with tech editing etc.

And after that I'm working on a largeish number of things to self-publish or to publish with Knit Picks (which is sort of the same thing). There are two shawlettes using fingering weight yarn (hand dyed by Phat Fiber friends), a hat and matching shawlette in Knit Picks CotLin, several baby blankets (including Amirah, which I've been discussing here), and who knows what else.

This Saturday is the local Stitch n Pitch, and while I can't take any of the magazine work with me (too hot, plus the privacy factor is important), I can work on the KP patterns. So if you're here because you saw one of my pattern cards, I was the woman working on the teal hat! Hi!

I find myself in need of a website. Nothing fancy, just somewhere to collect my self-published patterns and show off the magazine/book ones. If you're interested in bartering web work for patterns and/or yarn, please let me know. My Rav ID is ktlv, but if you'd like to include your email addy and links to examples in a comment I promise not to release your info to the open web (I moderate all comments). Thanks!


  • Dorothy

    It sounds like your design business is expanding nicely! Congratulations!

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