Design Process: Amirah Blanket

Tuesday, May 04, 2010
Every once in a while I like to share the process that I'm going through to design something relatively simple - in this case yet another baby blanket.  I can't help it, all the blankets; too many friends are having babies, and I just don't like to knit the same thing twice!  Plus, there's such a dearth of good baby blanket patterns out there, so this is my way to enhance the world for baby items. 

Here are specs on the one I'm starting today:
  • Name: Amirah Blanket. I name the blankets after the baby for which they were designed.  Thus the Logan Blanket is named for my cousin's daughter, the Hans Blanket is for another cousin's son, and the Malcolm Blanket is for my erstwhile roomie's son.  Amirah is the second daughter of the DH's college roommate.  I created the small version of the Dewdrop Blanket for her older sister (this was one of the few blankets I've ever done twice, thus it's not named after a specific child).
  • Yarn: Berrocco Comfort in Wild Cherry.  Bright red! I dislike doing blue and pink for babies - it just seems so blase - and red is one of the first colors that is interesting to babies.  Her sister got a yellow blanket, also a nice color for babies.
  • Body Pattern: I charted out on the bus this morning a knit/purl pattern that is pretty big (18 stitches by 24 rows) and has a lattice/dots kind of motif.  I've seen versions of this stitch elsewhere, but didn't feel like poking through my books to find just the right one.  Sometimes it's quicker just to sketch the vision out.
  • Border Pattern: Not determined yet (hey, I can't figure everything out in advance!).  My first inclination is for a box stitch, since it makes a nice flat border, but I'd really like to have something that echoes the body pattern but on a much smaller scale.  This may be my bus work on the way home!
  • Dimensions: Standard half blanket - 20in by 30in (50cm by 75cm).  I like this size - it's highly functional because it fits nicely in the car, it's lighter weight so is good for peekaboo when the baby can sit up and also good for dragging around when she can walk, and it is both faster to knit and uses half the yarn of a "normal" blanket.  Plus, it's fairly easy to scale up to the larger size.
I'm planning to document the blanket in future posts, and will have the pattern up for sale by August 1st.  Stay tuned!


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