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Friday, January 22, 2010
As most of you know, I’m a regular contributor to the Phat Fiber sampler boxes (see video below for my January box). I like to send in patterns designed with yarns sent in previous boxes - most of which are sockweight handpaints, 15-30yds. I’ve done bracelets, headbands, and this month did a bookmark. I have on my list of patterns to write up the “Phat Wrists” and “Phat Head” collection… At the moment I have done 4 bracelets and 3 headbands. What should I do for the next few boxes? I could fill out the bracelets and headbands so there are 5 of each - a nice number for a collection - or I could go in an entirely new direction. Thoughts?  Leave them in the comments below.

You know what, I think I'll turn this into a contest.  What little projects would you like to do?  Each comment gets you an entry, each Tweet, blog post, etc. gets another mention (tell me you did the additional thing in a comment so I don't have to track it down myself).  An entry for what, you say?  How about a skein of beautiful hand dyed lightweight sock yarn from Winter Mountain Fibers in the Plum Pudding colorway?

I'll draw a winner on January 31st at 7pm US East coast time!


  • What about a coffee sleeve or a small coin purse? One pattern could be used for both~ seam the bottom of a coffee sleeve for a purse.
    Or use as a sachet and add potpourri
    to use to freshen yarn bins.
    Hope this helps
    Jody aka SnookiesOz

  • Renee Anne

    Personally, I have a thing about knitted jewelry. No idea why and I've never done any of my own...I just find it fascinating.

  • Dorothy

    How about a necklace or a pin? Something to match a bracelet, and maybe even something incorporating beads, depending on how fancy you want to get.

  • Lynn

    How about a broach, a keyring or scissors "fob", a pacifier "leash" (if the yarn lends itself to that), chapstick cozy, cellphone case charm, zipper pull ....

    Lnupermom on Rav

  • sarah

    A small stuffed animal wouldn't take very much yarn. Maybe a snake in a striped yarn?
    Or maybe a sachet, that wouldn't take too much yarn either.

    sadiekate2001 at yahoo.com

  • oonagh

    i think the "5 makes a set" idea is a wonderful one.....

    but for other ideas; brooches, mug cozies, freestanding lace motifs to sew onto things.....coasters....ornaments??

    good luck!!!
    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  • quinn

    ornaments? tiny sweaters seem to work well with sock yarn.

  • Sharon Rose

    I just published "Tiny Tops" on Ravelry - a free mini sweater ornament. I also like catnip-stuffed cat toys. With my Lucet, I made a necklace for my row counter. Check out my mini cat.
    Oh, and a sweater for Cerberus!

  • danidocrafty

    For Phat Heads I'd love to see a hair accessory other than a head band. Like a knitted flower or other accessory that could be attached with a barrette or bobby pin. I love wearing that sort of thing in my hair, especially in the summer when I pull it into a pony tail a lot.

    This could also be used as a brooch too if you sewed a little pin back on it.

  • a tiny toy! not necessarily an animal but maybe a miniature inanimate object.

  • RoamingKnitter

    I like the idea of a shawl pin or hair pin of butterflies or tiny birds.

  • Turtle

    i like the idea of a take out cabled coffee cozy, maybe with a couple of buttons to adjust for cup sizes!
    Or a small ipod cozy with a spot for your headphones wire to pass through.
    or a knit flower barette or pin.
    perhaps a cool funky (maybe even felted) eye or sunglass holder.

  • Bookmarks, pencil toppers, a hair scrunchie???

  • prof m

    A bookmark - you can play around with stitch patterns. A mini-sock (or sweater) ornament for using on Christmas tree. A coin pouch. A mitered square - make a whole heap of these and eventually you'll have a blanket! Knit two really tiny mitered squares, add hooks and you have a pair of creative earrings.

  • knittingdancer

    Several people in my knitting group are knitting small mitered squares for a blanket out of their leftover sock yarn. One lady is making her about 6" and the others are about 3" squares.

    Knittingdancer on Ravelry

  • jennifer

    Book Cover? Anklet to go with the bracelets? Fashion Doll Sweaters to match some of the larger versions?


  • I think patterned sock yarn looks great when broken up into blocks like in entrelac. Some entrelac cuffs or mitts would be great!
    knitmit on rav

  • katerina

    What about sleeve cuffs? Like the Mrs. Beetons or a beaded/patterned wristwarmers?

    baby socks (not quite sure if there would be enough yardage though - I think so, but haven't made any)
    baby mittens &
    baby hats


    or a wild-fruit series - an apple, pear, banana, strawberry, kiwi etc. etc. whatever best fits the yarn

    Key chain fob - like a mini sock or mini-mitten

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    And I do think you should finish the 'series' you already have started!

  • how about a lip balm holder or water bottle holder? sparky136 on Ralvery

  • phoenixfire

    I'd make a change purse/ID holder, an ornament, a cat toy, or a decoration for a barrette (I made my daughter the cutest owl barrette to match a favorite tee-shirt).

  • WickedPyssa

    I designed the Eye Cord - free pattern posted on Ravelry. It uses about 30 or so yrds of sock weight yarn. Its a quick & easy knit that can be gifted to both kids & adults. Ive even made a few for myself.

  • morgaine24

    I think would be a really cute pattern would be a knitted cuff for your wrist or a bracelet which has a row of buttons of your choosing across the bracelet or cuff chokers would be neat as well. vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  • morgaine24

    oh valentines day is coming up someone kind of intertwined heart decoration vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  • purple

    Oooh I love the plum pudding colorway.

    How about a cell phone case.

  • How about knitted buttons? That would be great. Sort of bobbles of sock yarn.

  • Elaine

    Oh wow - I'd love the plum pudding. How about an i-pod case? I really like the 5 of each idea too.

    Off to blog - back soon.

  • Elaine

    All blogged about at:


  • knitting fool

    Hmmm. It seems like everyone thought of everything.

    How about a lengthwise scarf pattern that puts together lots of different colors - and is self-fringing.

  • The button suggestion is great. I would think you could make really cute crocheted or knitted buttons. Or maybe button earrings.

    Maybe a little coin purse.

  • EJ

    How about updated doilies? My grandmother used to make them out of white crochet cotton. I have a few and use them under things on an end table, but ones made of beautiful hand-painted sock yarn would look great.

  • debi's place

    Being the next few months have some holidays. Why not some hearts for Feb. Shamrocks for March, not sure when easter is but some eggs or bunnies or chicks.

  • tom

    How about a phat neck modular scarf pattern? Do mitered squares in 2 sizes - roughly 30 yards worth and half size (which is really quarter size since it is half the width and height so you would get 2 little squares from a 15 yd length). Then you can put the squares together alternating rows in any way you want.

  • Jags

    I'm making scrappy scarves with most of my phat samples, and tiny mitered squares for another project

    I would love to find a cute pattern for an itty bitty pouch with a button to hold my stitch markers

    interesting coffee sleeves intrigue me, haven't found one I like yet though

    i'm a sucker for knitted cat toys, you could make that with a tiny bit of yarn

    I've seen lots of people make knitted bookmarks while testing out lace patterns, that could be a fun and quick knit!

  • Jersey

    So many things to do with small amounts of hand-dyed yarn. I'll bet many/most have been suggested, but just in case or for reinforcement:

    coin purse - I'd probably use the yarn doubled or do it on size 0's

    cell phone case

    i-pod case

    combine to make a throw from many month's samples (or your own excess from other projects). Make is modular like mitered squares.

    more bracelets

  • Wow, many people have suggested things I would too, like scrunchies or coffee sleeves. I think a cute little animal/critter/thing pattern (for toy or ornament purposes) might be fun, maybe of an animal you really like (or that I do, like a bat) or sushi or something funny like that. If it was small enough it could also be used on a keychain too.

    Good luck, and I could certainly use patterns for small amounts of yarn!

    (InJuneau on Ravelry)

  • Hmmm. . . maybe some curly dread locks to add a little silliness to the top of a hat? Or knitted lace with which to edge a pair of socks? Or maybe a soft case for reading glasses? Don't know if 30 yards would be sufficient for a newborn hat, maybe a yarmulke?

    knitella on ravelry

  • jessecreations

    I like to use crochet to make jewelry; it's especially fun to find a cool button or other closure to compliment it.



  • Linda D

    Everyone has had so many great ideas, I think the Ipod case would be great. And I have enough leftover sock yarn to make one for everyone on the planet!

  • How about a funky sunglass or glass string? Maybe a sunglass case. More bracelets are always fun. Earrings - I made some tiny sock earrings for a while.

    Thanks for the fun.

  • StephCat

    I'm thinking of doing a coffee cup cosy....

  • Mick

    What about a choker necklace? With a cute lace pattern..

  • MarieAngel


    A flowered headband for a baby.

    A lacy summer beanie

    A tiny felted bag for tiny snips (scissors)

    An amulet bag

    Pasties ;)

    Book thong

    MariAngel (ravelry id)

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