Summing up 2009 (a look back at goals)

Thursday, December 31, 2009
As is traditional for the last day of the year, I want to look back at the goals I set for myself to see if I made them. It was good of me to check in October, since at least then I could tell if stuff was on track or not.

The original January goals:
  • Knit a gift a month. - Don't know if I accomplished this - but I did manage to not freak myself out too much over Christmas.  In part this was because instead of knitting gifts for the various kids who get things, I sewed fleece hats.  I believe I did 10 hats in total - which was three evenings of lazy work (assisted by the DD) compared to probably a month of work had I knit them.
  • Knit two preemie/baby hats a month (on average). - Started off strong, ended very poorly.  I believe I managed to make about 18 total hats this year, not the 24-30 that I had hoped for.
  • Write up at least one pattern for publication (formal or self) each month. - 16 patterns completed, according to Ravelry, of which three were for magazines (Nixie's Net, Pearl, and Tammie), three were partnerships with Stitchjones (Good Day Sunshine, This End Up, and Peaks), two were for KALs with eXtreme Spinning (Inconceivable! and Valerie's Miracle Scarf) and the rest were totally self-published (Comfy Cape, Malcolm Blanket, Harris Blanket, Windowpane Blanket, Cleopatra Bath Set, Fauxhawk, Oceanside Cowl, and Alley Collar).  I also have had two more patterns accepted for publication, of which one was sent off last week and the other is due in March.
  • Knit something for myself. - I ended up keeping the Comfy Cape, Pearl, and Inconceivable! for myself, though none of them were originally inteded for me.  A pattern in development, though, is mineallmine!  It's a shoulder shawlette done in fingering weight cotton, tentatively called Isadore.
  • Knit something for the husband. - Finished on the 28th! A pair of flip-top mittens knit in handspun chunky yarn from Drumlin Farm in MA.  I'm calling them Jaume - look for the pattern in late January/early Feb.
So, in the end, not a bad return on the year.  I clearly need to work on the baby hats - though in my defense I did a hat drive for the NC Cancer Hospital that came out quite well so I wasn't a total pig.  I'm looking forward to finishing up a little glut of publishing work and having some time to myself!


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