October is FO Month!

Thursday, October 01, 2009
I've been very productive this summer - I learned how to drop spindle (mostly), I've written a number of patterns, and I've started quite a lot of projects.  I've finished some of them, too.  But, sadly, not all.  At the moment I have a whole stack of stuff that needs to be blocked and have ends woven in, plus a few felting projects that just need to be felted.  So this month is FO month.  My goal is to finish everything that's ongoing right now, plus at least half of whatever I start this month.

The current WIP list includes:
  • Two bowls that need felting, one in Malabrigo and one in Lamb's Pride worsted.  The Malabrigo bowl is the template for a bowl series that I'm planning, and I can't felt it until I figure out whether my notes are correct, and I don't want to felt the other one on its own b/c that would be a colossal waste of water.
  • Mom's Inspiration scarf.  I'm about 25% done, which means I've just started the three-colors-across section.  I'm not a colorwork knitter, normally, so this is a mental block mostly.
  • Baby blanket of the fall #1.  (about 75% finished)
  • Inconceivable! (needs blocking)
  • Valerie's Miracle Scarf (needs blocking)
  • The not-a-triangle shawlette (about 80% finished)
  • Maryel's Crown (needs ends woven in and finishing)
I also need to come up with an October PhatFiber pattern, plus more people are falling pregnant as I type  so I have a slew of baby blankets planned.  Also planned is the November pattern for the eXtremeSpinning club - "Chandelier Fingerless Gloves" inspired by the Phantom of the Opera.  Once I finish that pattern it's on to full-steam ahead Christmas knitting, some of which will be original patterns and some will be from OPP.


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