I have left you... for Twitter (kidding!)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
... but not really kidding...

I've been neglecting the blog, and I apologize. You see, after denigrating it for years (ok, months), I've caught the Twitter bug. Turns out Twitter is a lot more interesting than it sounded. It helps that now that I'm in the Phatfiber group, I've got a bunch of other fiberistas to "follow" - and some of us end up having little conversations over tweets. If you're on Twitter and want to follow me, I'm knitwithkt. See you there!

(If you just want to follow the blog, scroll down. My tweets get posted to the sidebar.)


  • RagamuffinQuilts

    You are not alone. I have been neglecting my blog too for twitter. One of my other online social groups joked that I will start posting in 140 characters or less everywhere. LOL

  • Turtle

    lol, i just don't get the twitter thing but glad your having fun!! smile

  • izidigit

    Hi KT,
    I have been trying to dsownload the pdf's for your two chemo caps to make for my sister (Beehive and Ripple Brim). I can't seem to get the downoad to work from Ravelry, there is no indication that they have them anywhere on their site. Is there somewhere else I could go for these patterns? They are wonderful and so different!!


    Carol Ann

  • KT

    Hi Carol Ann,
    These two patterns just became a fundraiser for the NC Cancer Hospital. You can get both patterns for $5 as a PDF package. The links have been corrected on their respective pages here on the blog. Sorry about the confusion! - KT

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