Rainy Friday

Friday, June 05, 2009
Today would be a perfect day to stay inside and watch the rain. Luckily, that's pretty much all I do while on maternity leave anyway, plus knit. I'm working on swatches for a new multi-functional wrap that I'm calling "Inconceivable!". The yarn is from ExtremeSpinning, and we're planning to release it as a KAL later this month. I think I may do a design story series for it, but not right now.

I'm having a great time reading the comments that everyone is leaving on my contest! There are some truly fabulous stories there, plus I'm getting great ideas for gift and kid knitting... once there are 50 comments, I'll add another prize to the mix. Maybe a book this time? Or do people prefer yarn?

Yesterday we took the kids to our first baseball game of the season. We go to the Durham Bulls, and always have a great time. Last night it rained through the whole game, but not hard enough to stop play. We abandoned our (uncovered) seats in the 3rd to sit under cover, ate lots of food, hung out with some choir friends, got damp but not soaked, and generally enjoyed ourselves. The Bulls lost, but it was a good game even so (bit of pitcher wars until they got tired, then lots of hits on both sides).

My baseball knitting was this month's gift knit, a stuffed animal for my nephew. It's Flat Ted (Rav link) from Zoe Mellor's Knitted Toys book. I'm doing it in a cotton/acrylic so was confident that even if I spilled beer on it (which I am glad to report I did not), all would not be lost. I managed to finish the second leg and about 1/3rd of the body at the game. Not bad considering we were corralling the 5yo and I had to nurse/hold the baby too (though mostly the DH snuggled with him). This was his first baseball game, and he did remarkably well. I think it helped that it wasn't beastly hot, but also that he's a pretty mellow boyo. The girl, on the other hand, didn't sit still except when she was eating her funnel cake. Come to think of it, feeding her funnel cake in the 1st inning was perhaps a contributor to the later hyperactivity!

OK, back to swatching. This is my first attempt at true laceweight, and I think I need pointier needles...


  • Eddy G.

    ooh laceweight, that's pretty skinny stuff.

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