Midyear goals

Monday, June 15, 2009
Skeins Her Way is holding a contest for people to declare their summertime knitting goals. I'm a sucker for both listmaking and contests, so of course you can image that I'm all over this one. It seems like June is a good month for taking stock of one's yearly goals (remember, I don't do resolutions). Here were my January goals:
  1. Knit a gift a month. - Doing pretty well. I've completed three gifts for family, two swaps, and have started two more gifts for family. So not quite on pace, but close.
  2. Knit two preemie/baby hats a month (on average). - Doing very well. I gave Dad 10 hats in May to take to Hopkins, and sent 6 to Charlotte today. That's 16 over 6 months, which is above my target average.
  3. Write up at least one pattern for publication (formal or self) each month. - Doing very well. I've had two patterns published in magazines (Nixie's Net and Pearl), plus finally got the three Stitchjones patterns up (Peaks, This End Up, Good Day Sunshine), plus several self-published patterns (Malcolm and Harris blankets, Comfy Cape), plus several still-secret patterns for publication (total of four), and then there's Inconceivable in testing plus the Phatfiber bracelets and hair accessories getting ready to test. That's 12 patterns completed in 6 months. Yay!
  4. Knit something for myself. - Yeah, or not. I'm keeping Inconceivable, though, so that will count!
  5. Knit something for the husband. - Again, not so much. But I've bought (more) yarn to make a vest, so hopefully this will get underway.
I feel like I'm doing pretty well, other than the knitting for the husband and myself.

So here are the goals for the next few months:
  1. Finish Inconceivable! (July 1st).
  2. Knit several things for the daughter for summer/fall wear: Purple camisa, kindergarten skirt (Sept 1st).
  3. Knit something for the husband.
  4. Make three hats for the UNC Hospitals Heart Felt Hats drive (Sept 1st).
  5. Develop new connections with two indie dyers and one yarn company.
  6. Publish at least 3 new patterns (Inconceivable!, Cleopatra, and Phat Wrists)
  7. Clean out my house, take stuff to Goodwill.
  8. Paint the powder room trim.
  9. End maternity leave and go back to work.

Don't forget my own contest, closing today at noon US Eastern time!


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