Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I've been on a serious yarn binge lately. I got started because I "needed" some milk yarn to play with (I'm working on a spa set), and then to get the discount from Webs you have to order at least $60 worth of yarn... and then yesterday I meant to go to Jiffy Lube to get the car... lubed... but I forgot my book and so I "had" to go to Michaels, where I bought some yarn to make baby hats (also a T-shirt for the daughter's field day at preschool), and then I needed more pointy needles for a lace project so I went to Yarns, etc, but they didn't have the pointy needles, but then Mary was holding my son and she seemed so happy so I didn't have the heart to walk out without anything, so I ended up with three skeins of Bamboozle, one of Noro sock, one of chenille, one of Manos, and one or two others...

Mary also asked if I'd be interested in teaching this fall. I am! I just don't know what to teach. What do you keep hoping your LYS will offer? I took a great course on knitting in reverse at Stitches that would be fun to teach. Or maybe cabling? Knitting in the round? Hmmm.

The lace project that I'm working on is a wrap titled "Inconceivable!" It will be the subject of a KAL on Ravelry. I'll be setting up a group as soon as I find someone willing to make the graphics, and the pattern should be ready by July 1st. I'm looking forward to it!

Still haven't gotten the car lubed, and Wednesday is Political Junkie day on Talk of the Nation, so it'll have to wait until after 3pm. I can't go out and garden for long, either, both because it is hot and because I burned the soles of my feet yesterday going out to the mailbox barefoot. Literally burned them - I have blisters - guess I'm not as tough a Southern girl as I thought. Instead I'm putting on my socially-unacceptable Crocs and cleaning the garage. We have 50 gallons of water in soda bottles that I need to arrange more neatly ("drought insurance").


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