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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Just as a way of keeping up myself, here's what's going on at Casa KT:

Projects underway needing completion:
  • Finish hat for Ravelry swap (complete on Thursday; mail on Monday)
  • Finish bracelet and headband for Phatfiber patterns (complete on Friday)
  • Submission to Knitty (complete on Friday)
  • Submission to Knitcircus (complete on Sunday)
  • Two patterns for Phatfiber (complete on Monday and mail)
  • Seam up bag for Stitchjones (complete on Sunday; mail on Monday)
  • Bag pattern for Stitchjones (complete on Wednesday)
Projects in design stage:
  • Maryel's shrug (swatched; need to cast on)
  • Inconceiveable! wrap (received yarn from ExtremeSpinning; need to swatch and write up preliminary pattern for testing before launch of KAL in mid-late June)
  • Bath set (awaiting yarn)

Clearly I need to set aside time on Monday to get to the post office. Hmm, between the pediatrician's appointment and the house cleaning, that could be interesting. I also need to get the car serviced. Maybe we'll be having a nice long day out Monday!


  • Alison

    Did I mention I'm super-impressed with your "4th-tri" output? I managed to finish a BSJ in 11 weeks, and that was it :P

    I can't wait to see what all these mystery patterns are! Good luck with the submissions (and cool, I hadn't heard of Knitcircus before, another mag to check out...)

    PS, I am inordinately amused that the word verification for this comment is "bilionat".

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