Phatfiber Shoutout!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Yes, I give shout outs to Phatfiber often on this blog - but yesterday I was profiled on the Phatfiber blog myself! It's so exciting to have people write nice things about you and your work - and Jessie does a lovely job of highlighting the contributors to the Phat boxes. She has a contest going on the blog posting - leave a comment or make a tweet, etc., and you're entered to win one of the actual bracelets that are in the March and April boxes as patterns (Arrowhead and Garden). Yes, the actual bracelets! All you have to do is say something nice about me (and not even to my face/on this blog). :)


  • PhatLady

    Ok I'm going to post, and I don't have to win- I just like you :)
    You're super smart of thinking to design small items that can be used from the phat boxes and I really appreciate that you like using indie made materials! You go woman!

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