Phatfiber April Sample: Arrowhead Bracelet

Monday, March 23, 2009
Because of the "impending event" I've finished my samples for the April and May Phatfiber boxes early and will be sending them off to Jessie the next time I get to the post office. I'm working on a series of bracelets using small quantities (15-25yds) of sock yarn. So far I've done four that are based on lace patterns - three of which are part of the Phatfiber box, and one will be reserved for sale in a pattern pack with the others - and will be doing two more series, one with cables and one with textures. It's a lot of fun finding interesting things to do with the sample skeins, and not just because I hate knitting swatches!

The April bracelet is called "Arrowhead" because it uses the very simple little arrowhead lace pattern. I modified the version that I found in the Harmony guides to have a stronger line - this involved changing the double decrease so that one stitch sits on top of the other two. This may not make much sense in words, but is very cool in knitting. The pattern uses about 18-24yds (depending on your wrist circumference) of sock yarn. The sample was made using BunkyBoBos Superwash Merino Sock in the Hera colorway (from the January box). Closure is a two-stitch I-cord laced through eyelets made at either end of the bracelet. It's a very cool effect, I have to say!

An interesting tidbit about Phatfiber - apparently somewhere around 1500 people are now on the notification list for the monthly box sale via Etsy. This is more than TEN TIMES as many boxes are available! There was a bump this month because Knitty profiled the box in the Cool Stuff section. Understandably, that means that the boxes sell out really quickly. The unfortunate thing is that the woman who organizes and sells the boxes has gotten a lot of hate mail after the last two sales from people who weren't able to get a box. This is just rude, people, and doesn't acknowledge the whole principle of supply and demand. We've got a very high demand commodity with a limited supply! To mollify the people who don't get a box, Phatfiber now has a coupons page where you can get 10-25% off fiber and patterns from "Phatties" (box contributors, and including me next month). The coupons are only available to people who sign up for the notification list. Jessie also posts giveaways on the Phatfiber blog - so add that to your readers and win some great yarn and accessories.


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