Design Story: Ribbon Cape Testing

Friday, March 06, 2009
Once I have a pattern drafted and the sample knit, it becomes time for me to decide what route I want to take with the pattern. If it's something very quick and easy (like basic dishcloths or baby hats), I'll usually just post the pattern here on the blog or do a quick & dirty version as a free Ravelry download. I depend on people who make the project to let me know if there are errors - after-market testing, if you like (remember, I'm a pharmacy librarian).

However, if I think the pattern is saleable I will solicit for testers on Ravelry. I used to do this in the Testing Pool group (warning: Rav link), but I'm happier now that I have a group of "my own" testers in the Katherine Vaughan Designs group (another Rav link). I set up threads in the discussion forum for the KVD group for each pattern that's being tested. That way - IF it's a public design, that is, not one for magazine/book publication - the testers can chat amongst themselves and ask me questions. This works nicely since everyone gets the same info more or less at the same time, and they can suggest mods to the pattern and/or correct errors a bit more efficiently than over email.

Plus, I think it's kindof fun to see where a pattern comes from, and I hope you do to. Otherwise, why am I writing these posts?

For the capelet, Moilulu volunteered to knit the sample. Holy cow is she fast! The original took me about two weeks to complete - she did it in under two days. Her version looks great, and she gave me some good information about where to amend the pattern.

So now it's all done but the photography... the next post will be the one releasing it into the "buy me" wilds. Hopefully that will be by the end of this weekend!

By the way, if you're on Ravelry and are interested in being a test knitter, please feel free to join the group. One of these days I'll post a page with my standard info for test knitters - in the meantime I usually put the informal agreement/contract into the first post of each test knit thread.


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