One year of knitting group

Thursday, February 26, 2009
I realized this evening that I joined my knitting group one year ago this week - my first meeting was the last Thursday in February, 2008. What a year! I've really come to like that group and - shockingly for me and any group of women - everyone in it. We have some even newer members than me, and a few people have dropped out (or come and gone). And get this - I even decided to give away my tix for UNC Women's Bball Senior Night (against Miami) in order to go to knitting group! Of course, at knitting I'm less likely to get all excited and go into premature labor, but hey, I'm not saying there is only one reason to pick one over the other.

This week I'm sending off my ISE7 scarf. I really love it - a nice soft bamboo in an extremely cool bamboo yarn. If the colors weren't so totally not mine I would have been tempted to keep it and make something else for my pal!

I also had tested a new pattern, this one for a shoulder shawl/cape with a rounded shape. As soon as I get the fasteners on mine, get photos, and polish up the pattern, it'll be available for $4 here on the blog and in Ravelry. I rather like it, actually, and though it looks really simple it took me a lot of effort to figure out how to do the shaping. I'm thinking of blogging about the design process for it - and probably will if I get some time. Then after this there are several projects for Stitchjones plus I'm waiting on the yarn for a pattern that was accepted by Yarn Forward.

Oh, and Knitting in the Sun will be coming out soon - my pattern is the driving scarf that's mentioned in the blurb. I'm really excited about this one! Thanks to Kristi Porter for letting me be part of it. I really like designing for books, and wish I knew how to get into that more.

In early April I'll be interviewing Donna Druchunas as part of her blog tour for Ethnic Knitting Exploration. If you have questions you'd like me to make sure I ask her, leave a comment here and I'll incorporate them into the interview.


  • Dorothy

    Hooray for published patterns! And for groups of women who are likable!

    I hope the last few weeks of pregnancy are going well.....

  • I don't know, that group's a pretty lively bunch. I bet some days the laugh till it hurts topics might not be much safer than getting excited at a basketball game ;)

  • Laura

    Doh! That wasn't supposed to be anonymous. That's what I get for typing one handed so I can drink my tea.

  • KT

    Hi Laura! Hope you're feeling better - we've missed you. The old scholar guy was listening in again this week - but we were pretty tame all told. Lots of laughing, but relatively little bad language and "adult" topics!

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