Happy Lincoln/Darwin Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I think it's incredibly cool that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin share the same birthday - they would both be 200 years old today (were that possible)! I think scientific knitting is way cool, and here are some of my favorite biological knits:

Assets of Evo (by Marnie MacLean) - "Get your Intelligent Behind into a cute little pair of boy shorts and express your love for rationality, reason, and the man with the plan, Charles Darwin. These shorts are knit top-down and in the round, so there’s almost no finishing. If you want to skip the duplicate stitch motif, you can have these quick little knits on your tuckus in no time at all."

Baby's First DNA Model (by Kimberly Chapman) - Pretty much what it sounds like. I desperately want one but haven't gotten around to making it.

Rosalind (by Alice Bell) - DNA scarf done with illusion knitting. Free Ravelry download.


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