Prayers for Coach Yow

Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Longtime readers are aware that I am a basketball fan - particularly of UNC women's bball - and that I do not generally root for any other ACC team than Carolina, regardless of the sport. However, I have always had great admiration for Coach Kay Yow of the NCSU women's bball team. She is not only a great coach, but a well-respected member of the community and a friend of the UNC coach, Sylvia Hatchell.

Unfortunately, Coach Yow is battling her second recurrence of Stage IV breast cancer. It has reportedly now spread to her spine and liver. She's missed four games in a row (highly unusual for her), and missed practice today. NCState is putting out a statement later today, and I'm concerned about what it will say. NCSU's next game is on Sunday against UNC - I'll be there - and I'm conflicted about how I want the outcome to go. On the one hand, UNC is undefeated and this would be Coach Hatchell's 800th career win. On the other, I really want Coach Yow to have good wins this year. When we played NCSU two seasons ago on the day they dedicated "Coach Yow Court" I wasn't horribly upset that we lost. It seemed the classy thing to do, after all. (Note that I am not normally this kind to UNC's opponents.)

I ask you all to keep Coach Yow and the women's Wolfpack hoopsters in your thoughts and/or prayers. We are all touched, in this day and age, by cancers of all kinds. Why not knit a chemo cap for your local hospital in her, or someone special to you's, honor? Sometimes I feel like knitting is my last refuge for hope in fights like these, and I am grateful to at least posess one skill for coping and sharing my hope/faith/grief.

ETA: Coach Yow will be stepping down from coaching for the remainder of the season. She's under contract for three more seasons after this one, and says she'll make a decision about next year before the end of this year.


  • Beverly

    I will keep her in my prayers and say her name during our call to prayer at church this sunday.

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