Phat Fiber January Sampler Box on sale today!

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Just a plug for the January Phat Fiber Sampler Box - it goes on sale today via Jessie's Etsy Shop. I don't have a sample pattern in this box, but it looks incredibly cool nonetheless. Just $40 for a packed box of samples of roving, yarn, patterns, tools, and other goodies. There's a YouTube video showing off what she'd gotten for the box as of last week, even! Her blog is also worth following, if only to see the cool stuff that gets sent in and to enter the contests.

In February I'm planning to send in a set of postcards that have a sampler pattern - something that can be made with about 15-20 yards of worsted - as the "picture side." I'm excited about this, and am finding it quite a challenge to create something that small!

Side note: I always do spell check on my posts, and am often amused. Apparently Blogger doesn't like the word "goodies" - but DOES recognize "phat"!


  • Spinning Ninny

    spell check! what a novel idea. i find it disturbing that phat is recognized...

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