Knitting pattern a day - 40 Years Bowl today

Friday, January 23, 2009
I pulled off yesterday's page in my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar this morning - and was pleasantly surprised to see that today's pattern is my very own 40 Years Felted Bowl! It's always fun to see yourself in print... Of course, my favorite pattern so far in the year has got to be the knit sushi by Amy Polcyn (free Ravelry download; Amy, let me know if you want the link removed). That lead to trying to describe what sushi is to the 4yo (not an easy prospect).

We just watched The City of Lost Children. Very weird movie. Then again, it's by the same guy who wrote and directed Amelie (one of my faves) and Delicatessen (one of the hupband's faves), and who directed Alien: Resurrection. A little disturbing how many of the actors overlap at least three of those four.

You know you're obsessed with your hobby when you are trying to figure out the construction of two sweaters in the movie - and when one of them is used as a plot point you get even more distracted by trying to figure out how you could unravel a striped raglan seaman's sweater, obviously knit in the round, from the bottom (it could have been knit top-down, which would make the unraveling from the bottom make more sense) without the character having to spin around in circles. This really bugged me. And then when he ran out of yarn a half-inch below the picked up neckline - leaving the sleeves behind - I just gave up the whole thing. I guess the stripes were knotted at the color changes? At the break for the upper chest, there was some short-rowing to allow for a continuous strand? But it was fishermans' rib!

And then I discovered that Gaultier was the costumer, and it made sense. Why? Because a: the costumes have to be cool if Gaultier is designing them, and b: if anyone can figure out how to break the laws of knitting physics to allow Ron Perlman's sweater to unravel with him still in it and not spinning like a top, that person would be Jean-Paul Gaultier.

My last bit of movie trivia? Gaultier also did the costumes for The Fifth Element, another of our faves. Lots of knit stuff in there, too.


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