I Want Aretha Franklin's Hat

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
And for those of you who know how much I adore wearing hats (no sarcasm!), you know what a strong statement that is. Here's a link. The daughter watched most of the ceremony with me (while also drawing, doing a puzzle, and generally bouncing around), and the husband came in for the actual swearing in and speech. We stood for both Biden and Obama's swearing in. I managed not to cry. We sang the anthem with the Sea Chanters (who pitched it awfully high), and generally enjoyed ourselves while staying warm and dry.

It is really boring watching two hours of a presidential limo getting ready to leave and then leaving, driving really slowly, and then doing nothing. The parade itself was mildly entertaining, but not enough to keep me from other stuff.

Today we were all home, not for the inauguration, but because of the 3-4" of snow that fell in our yard. Apparently a major part of my commute was blocked with crashed cars by about 11am. NC Hwy 54 is a busy road, mind you, but this particular stretch is steep and through a swamp (Mom calls it "the wetlands," but really? swamp), so I'm not horribly surprised. Preschool was closed, so we stayed home and didn't drive with the crazed "I was a Yankee 20 years ago!" North Carolinians. Tomorrow the daughter and I are home again, but I think the husband will go to work. I've promised to help build a snowman, which means I need to find some mittens. Why have I not knit myself mittens?!?

Got started on my International Scarf Exchange scarf today, and am about 1/5th done. I really love the pattern, but I can't spill any details since I'm hoping to sell it. I would do this incredibly cool scarf, but I fear my spoilee is of slightly different politics than I am, and wouldn't be as gaga over it as I am. Plus, it has colorwork, so it'll either be a present for someone very special or a "gift" for myself.


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