Goodbye Coach Yow

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Coach Yow went into the hospital early last week - I hope she got to see the snow! - and passed away early Saturday morning. I appreciate all of you who kept her in your hearts. Somehow her passing made me extra sad for the women I've known who will never have thousands of people praying for them and remembering them in their time of need. Coach Yow was, in a way, very very lucky that she had such love and devotion across the state of North Carolina (and the world, among many who love women's basketball). To that end, here are the women I'm remembering this week:

Elizabeth (deceased)
Elsie (deceased, though not from her cancer)
Carolyn (living)
Jean (living)
Emilie (living)
Peggy (living)
Linda (deceased)
Debra (deceased)
Nathalie (living)

And also my grandfather Floyd, who died 29 years ago this winter from colon cancer, and various people with skin cancers of different types and seriousness, including Ned, James, Ramsey, and Stan. I'm sure I've left someone off the list, for which I apologize profusely.

I've made a donation to the UNC Cancer Center in these loved ones' honor, and hope you will honor people who are known only to you and a few others with some kind of service as you see fit.

My knitting this week includes a pink shawl that I'm experimenting with to get a pleasing shape - that is, no pointy part drawing the eye to the derriere - done in Tartelette ribbon yarn.


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