Goals for 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009
Yes, I make resolutions. And, as you saw in yesterday's post, I'm no better at keeping them than anyone else. But I enjoy thinking of the possibilities open to me for the year, so I keep doing it. I do prefer to think of these as "goals" rather than "resolutions" - largely because a "goal" seems more like something you aspire to do and accomplish rather than the more negative "resolution." So here are my knitting and a few other random goals for 2009:

  1. Knit a gift a month. Some of these will be for birthdays, of course, but especially I'd like to avoid the Christmas rush that happens every October through December. This year it was a total godsend that I'd finished a bunch of Christmas gifts over the summer, so I'd like to continue that in 2009.
  2. Knit two preemie/baby hats a month (on average). I really like doing that, it uses up stash, and it's fun to have a random one- or two-day project every once in a while. Plus, it makes my Dad so happy!
  3. Write up at least one pattern for publication (formal or self) each month. I think I was ambitious to hope for one paid and one free pattern last year. Plus, I'm cooling on the free patterns idea - most of what I'm designing now aren't really as simple as I'd expect from a free pattern. I'm not saying that I'll abandon free patterns entirely (actually, I have one nearly ready to go this weekend), just that I'd rather focus on the stash-enabling ones.
  4. Knit something for myself. I've never knit anything for me, other than a few bags (which I hardly ever use). I find this sad! I want to knit a spring/fall sweater, though obviously wearing such a garment will have to wait until after March... also, measurements are dicey right now so that adds some complications!
  5. Knit something for the husband. The only thing I've ever knit him is a scarf (which he loves). I think this is the year I finally design and knit that vest I've been promising him for years. Also the mittens made from the Drumlin Farm yarn. And some socks.

So that's it for the formal goals in 2009. Note: for the first time in two years, no goals regarding the stash! As I wrote yesterday, I'm at peace with my stash. It makes me happy that most of the things I can think of making are doable with materials I already own. Plus, it all fits so nicely in the closet now!

I'd also like to go through the patterns I currently have for sale and fix anything that's weird (not necessarily errors, just clarifications) as well as add a "other designs by Katherine Vaughan" blurb to the end. Other things I'm contemplating are making the jump to printed patterns to wholesale to yarn shops, joining the Phat Fiber Sample Box crew (we'll see how February goes), trying out other pattern selling sources (in addition to Ravelry), advertising more on Ravelry, and exploring teaching classes again. I had so much fun taking classes at Stitches that I may see what options are available in the local area - I don't think I'll actually make it to any conferences this year.


  • ponyknit

    Sounds great! Good luck with your goals!

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