Monday, December 29, 2008
ah palindromes. always a fun way to amuse the dork...

Anyhoo. I got through Christmas without strangling anyone with yarn, which is good. The brother's Dashings were finished on the 23rd, with plenty of time left to make a hat for his kid out of the same yarn (Karaoke, one of my new faves). I also got a Calorimetry done for his wife (too many sisters-in-law to distinguish amongst), and just have to weave in ends for one done with the remaining Noro Iro for her best friend (not a Christmas present). Now if only we could ship off the giftsforpeoplewholivefaraway! This is slow this time 'round in part because we had the brilliant idea of making mix CDs of the daughter's fave music and our fave Christmas choral music - but the CDs aren't coming out well (skips, weird pauses, bad titling, etc).

My other sister-in-law gave me a gift certificate for Webs - which I have already used in their annual year-end blowout - and between her and my MIL I have a bunch of new Stephanie Pearl-McPhee books (and the calendar!) to play with. Yay! Mostly, though, I think we succeeded in having a lower-impact holiday this year. We gave token gifts and then made some donations in honor of our loved ones, rather than going overboard with gifts they won't use or dust. The main organizations we donated to were Heifer Project (a Flock of Hope), Habitat for Humanity (a low-flow toilet!, front door, and kitchen sink), CARE, the Nature Conservancy (we adopted two acres of forest!), and Save the Children's Survive to 5 program (which includes Knit One Save One).

Also, I don't think it's knitting that makes my hands hurt. Why? Because I haven't knit for days, and they are still killing me. Sigh.

I have a skein of Stitchjones' wonderful yarn to design something for. So far I've made a hat and scarf in toddler-child sizes out of one other skein, but I'm not really into mittens or socks in this yarn, for some reason. Would anyone out there be interested in a baby vest? Also, Sharon if you read this, I'll have patterns for you soon!


  • Alison

    Hey, I'd be interested in a baby vest - Oregon winter (and spring) is such that we often want another layer over the onesie without the weight of a full sweater. Plus, Malcolm has decided he hates sleeves :).

    You don't have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, do you? I guess that would be more wrists than hands...

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